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Flip Coach
Flip Coach

Real Estate Training

Flip Coach™ offers real estate coaching, helping you beyond web-based or seminar training programs.

Why Flip Coach™?

About "Flipping"

Flip Coach

Traditionally, flipping property takes place when you buy low and sell for a profit, usually after renovations. Whether you are looking to buy for a long-term investment or for a quick turn, Flip Coach can help you. Use the creative techniques learned here to find and analyze more deals, negotiate more creatively, find funding, and satisfy your goals as a real estate investor. The list of in-person coaching options are listed below.

Your Experience

Flip Coach™ since 2010. -

Have you attended expensive real estate seminars? You leave feeling highly motivated, and then reality sinks in. What you really need is help, in person, starting from your knowledge-base. And here is the Flip Coach Pledge: You won't find a lot of hype here, just action about flipping. Whether you are a beginner or have investing experience, Flip Coach will guide you through your first purchase, or to your next level of investing. 

Let's Begin!


You will learn how to find deals and analyze them. You will learn how to negotiate contracts, how to fund a deal (no money down does exist), and how to close. You will learn how to fix problems and turn property into profit. And, if part of the process stops you in your tracks, Flip Coach is right beside you, to close the deal.

Delivery methods include live training in person, followed by ongoing support (email, video conferencing, phone, etc.).

Flip Coach™, Since 2010

Nathan Hunnicutt, Flip Coach™

Flip Coach

Nathan is experienced in residential, multifamily, notes, and commercial property. He is Co-founder of the Jackson Area Real Estate Investors Association in Tennessee, he mostly invests in Texas, and he coaches nationwide. He earned an MBA from Harding University and enjoys family time, and Flip Coaching.

For You, From Flip Coach™

Flip Coach

You will learn the following from Flip Coach:

  • Marketing, Lead Generation, Property Locating
  • Analyzing Deals & Due Diligence
  • Negotiations, Funding Solutions & Closings
  • How to Calculate Profits, Remodeling & Contracts

Flip Coach™ Testimonials

Broker Testimony

"You can't go wrong working with Nathan (Flip Coach) on real estate deals..."  

—John Raines, Trenton, TN

Investor Testimony

"Nathan can point you in the right direction with your real estate investing.

—Gabriel Rebollar, Center, TX

Flip your way to profits with Flip Coach™!

Since 2010, your Flip Coach™  (the original Flip Coach) has been helping people like you learn how to find deals, analyze them, and invest their way to profits. You will learn how to negotiate contracts, how to fund a deal, and how to close. You will learn how to fix problems and flip property for a profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Financing

"How do I convince a seller to carry a note while I make a down payment?"

Flip Coach™ exposes the process of seller-financing while showing exactly how to approach sellers with this sensitive topic, showing what to say, and when.

No Money Down

"I've heard about no-money-down deals but it doesn't seem to be realistic."

Flip Coach™ shows what type of situation makes this approach possible, and how to approach sellers. This situation is an example of true problem solving.

Deal or No Deal

"Frequently, I find deals but I just can't commit to a closing. Can you help?"

Flip Coach™ shows exactly how to analyze a property for potential profit. This is a science based on real numbers, and you'll learn how to acquire these numbers.

Finding the Money

"I know how to land a deal but the funding is never available."

Flip Coach™shows you step by step how to locate private lenders while avoiding costly fees and lowering holding costs.

Inspecting Property

"I love to preview property. Can you help me with what problems to look for?"

Flip Coach™ visits property with you and shows you what to look for, and why. Learn to inspect like a seasoned investor.

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